Frequently Asked Questions

Wooo I’m a pro writer! Now how do I start making money?

Choose any project that’s open and click or tap it to read the creative brief and access the submission field. Carefully read the brief (this is very important!) and then provide your best script, ad, social media post, or whatever is requested in the brief.

You can submit up to 3 times per project.

If the client Favorites your submission, you will receive a portion of the prize pool.

For example, if the total prize pool is $100 and the client Favorites 5 submissions, the writer of each Favorited submission will receive $20.

It looks like projects have different prize pools and different notations about payout. What’s the deal?

Prize pools can vary depending on a number of factors, among them the amount of time and effort expected for submissions, as well as the number of Favorites the client is expected to select.

Some projects have prize pools that are completely for the client Favorite submissions. Other projects will reserve a portion of the prize pool as a guaranteed payment for a set number of submissions. For instance, a project might have a prize pool of $50, with the first 10 submissions each earning their writer $1. In this example the remaining $40 is split among the client Favorites.

How do I get paid?

We use Stripe to pay all of our writers.

Stripe is a trusted and secure way to get money from Comedywire into your bank account without relying on us to store your information.

Visit your profile and click the “Connect to Stripe” button to set up and/or connect your account.

What do I need to know about projects?

Before posting to Comedywire, clients are asked to fill out a creative brief. This brief will give you everything you need to know to submit to the project (although admittedly some clients are more thorough than others). Please be sure to read the brief carefully and do your best to fulfill the requirements. The Comedywire Editorial Team reserves the right to delete any submissions that are off-brief.

Most projects have a submissions deadline of 24 hours. Clients can also stop the pipeline of submissions during that time period. The client has 5 days from the time a project is posted to select their Favorite submissions. The writers of those submissions share the prize pool.

What projects can I write on?

Comedywire has a bunch of different types of products, basically anything in your projects feed that is not closed to submissions is available for your to write on.

Why are there some project types that I’m not allowed to write on?

In order to offer the best results to our clients, projects on Comedywire are segmented according to the best performing writers. We determine which writers have access to certain projects based on

My submission was featured. What does that mean?

Congrats! That means someone from the Comedywire Editorial Team thought that your submission did a great job of answering the brief. Your submission is highlighted for the other writers as an exmaple to emulate and for the client as a potential Favorite.

What about editing?

If you hover over your submission, a pencil icon will appear. Click on that icon and you will be able to edit your submission.

Clients and the Comedywire Editorial Team may also make small changes to your submission. If this happens, you will receive a notification.

Where can I see how much money I’ve made?

If you go to your profile you will see “earnings as of _____” that’s how much money you’ve made since you joined Comedywire.

If you click on “earnings by project” you can see a more detailed breakdown of your earnings.

When will a payment hit my bank account?

It takes about three days for a payment to make it to your bank account. To confirm that a payment is on it’s way go to your stripe account, under “activity” you will see various payments and their dates of estimated arrival. If you still believe this is incorrect contact us at

What happens if the client doesn’t like anything?

In the event that a client does not like any submissions we eat a lot of pizza and cry ourselves to sleep.

Just kidding, if there are no client Favorites, the payout pool is then divided among the featured submissions. In the unlikely event that there are no Favorites and no featured submissions, the pool is divided equally among all submissions.

I wrote a really awesome submission that got a lot of upvotes but the client didn’t pick it, what gives?!?

The Comedywire Team has no control over what submissions client likes. Humor is subjective and some people just have bad taste.

Why was my submission deleted?

Your submission will be deleted if the Comedywire Editorial Team considers your submission to be off brief or offensive.

Are there additional opportunities to win money?

Yes, we occasionally run contests based on customer favorites, number of submissions written and other parameters. Be sure to check the announcement section for details.

Can clients see my name next to my submission?

Nope, all writer submissions are anonymous.

What happens if another writer wrote a submission that is very similar to mine?

When working with other brilliant minds, there’s always the possibility for parallel thinking. If another writer had a similar idea but the wording is different, chances are that’s what happened. The Comedywire Editorial Team typically decides to leave both submissions in the event that the client may like one wording over the other. If you believe another writer has plagiarized your work please email us at

What should I do if I know a writer that I think would be great for Comedywire?

We’re always looking for new writers! Please send us their email at

I’m getting too many emails! How do I change my email preferences?

Go here.