Frequently Asked Questions

What is Comedywire?

Comedywire is a service that provides you with funny lines on demand—for your articles, advertising, scripts, speeches, shows, and more. Think of it as having the largest room of comedy writers in the world at your disposal whenever you want, for whatever you’re working on. We select the best talent from our community of more than 8,000 comedy writers, and put them to work on your content, copy, or campaign—and turn around witty one-liners, jokes and punched-up copy in minutes, not days.

How does it work?

It’s quick and easy.

1. Tell us what you’re working on. Choose a project from one of our seven categories and fill out a simple brief.

2. Receive dozens of funny lines. Your project becomes a contest where fifteen or more writers submit funny lines and ideas minutes after you post your campaign.

3. Select your favorites. Our editors will push their recommended lines to the top of your contest page, but ultimately you will decide which lines to use by clicking “license” next to your top picks. The rights are yours. Campaigns start at just 59 bucks.

How are you able to deliver lines so quickly?

At any given time, hundreds of writers are online, ready to jump on your contest. It’s also the only thing keeping these people alive.

Why humor?

Because dry and boring content is, well, dry and boring. When you make someone laugh, you get their attention, make a real connection—and change the way they see you.

Whether you’re working on a social media campaign or your big presentation, we can help you communicate your message with just the right dose of wit, sarcasm, and laugh-out-loud funny that will engage and impress your audience, not to mention make you seem even more likable and smart. There’s a reason you remember your favorite Superbowl commercials, or why you’re more likely to listen to a speaker who makes you laugh.

Do you write my speech, article, or presentation from scratch?

No, we just add the funny. With the exception of taglines and product names, we punch up and add to your existing material. You upload the pages of content you have, and we provide funny line ideas for each page or slide. You can also host a topical joke contest. Submit any topic that comes to mind, and we’ll give you dozens of jokes to choose from.

What if I don’t like anything you come up with?

Fair question–We have such a wide variety of expert writers that the chance of something not meeting your needs is slim. But, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you don’t like anything we come up with, we will do another round, or refund your money and ask our therapists… where did it all go wrong?

Where do your writers come from?

We have writers on staff and a huge community worldwide—including top talent from sitcoms, late night shows, major advertising agencies, as well as Emmy-winning pros and headlining comics.

What if I already have a writer or team of writers?

Even better. Your writers serve many needs and projects for your business or organization. We think of ourselves as your secret, specialized weapon, and a fun supplemental resource that you can tap into when you need fresh ideas or just want to jumpstart the creative process. Getting an outside perspective can only help.

It’s a misconception to think that you need comedy writers because you aren’t funny. In fact, it’s the opposite. Our clients have the best sense of humor—which is why they appreciate what we do. The biggest names in comedy have their own team of writers, too. It’s not because they’re not funny. It’s because they are. What they want and need is more ideas, more firepower—in less time.

Do you pay your writers?

Yes. In addition to our full-time staff writers, Comedywire contributors earn a percentage on every campaign based on their submissions that customers like and license.

How does licensing work?

When you license a line on Comedywire, you have the rights to that line without concern from plagiarism from anyone on our staff. However, it is conceivable that a writer somewhere else in the world also came up with a similar idea. So, we recommend doing your own copyright or trademark search before putting your line to use.

Do I have to credit anyone?

Nope. That’s the beauty of our service. It’s white-label content—we do the work and you take the credit. All of our writers sign an NDA and agree not to share any of your work or materials.

Do I get to find out who wrote mine?

No. All of the lines are delivered anonymously.

Why is it anonymous?

Here’s why: We’ve found that even the best individual writers in the world don’t come up with the winning angle or line, every single time. What makes Comedywire effective is the collective genius of the dozens of writers you get when you work with us. This diverse pool of perspectives means you get a wider range of ideas and lines—you’re bound to find something that sticks.

How much does it cost?

Our prices vary, depending on the type and quantity of content you need. Campaigns start at just $99. Price your project now.