Frequently Asked Questions

What is Comedywire? is the world’s largest writers’ room. Businesses, startups and individuals use our services to get the best lines, ideas, and content that add wit and originality to their messaging.

Writers from all over the world compete with their peers to win prizes and improve their skills. After a client creates a “project,” writers review the project brief, submit their best material and have their peers vote on it based on its cleverness or humor.  The best submissions are selected by clients and writers receive compensation for their creativity.

How does it work?

It’s quick and easy.

  1. Tell us what you’re working on by selecting any of the products on our product page. Next, fill out our simple and comprehensive brief to tell us exactly what you’re looking for.
  2. Once you click ‘submit’ our writers will be notified that your project has been launched. Within minutes you’ll begin to receive dozens of creative submissions.
  3. Select your Favorites. Click on the heart button below any submission you like or intend to use.

How much does it cost?

Our prices vary, depending on the type of content you need. Projects start at just $99 for topical humor, $149 for tag lines and ideas and $249 for longer document work like script revisions and comedy set punchups.

Price your project now.

How much material am I allowed to upload?

You may upload a maximum of 10 pages. Customers who use 4 point font and expanded borders will be shot.

I have a specific style of writing, how can I make sure the writers follow that?

Our brief allows you to specify your writing style. Our goal is to get you exactly what you want.

How can I be sure my project has been posted?

On the top left hand corner of the screen you’ll see a tab for “My Projects”, click on that and you should see your project posted there.

When can I expect submissions to start coming in?

Your first submissions should post within 15 minutes. Submissions will still come in throughout the day so make sure to keep checking back.

How long will my project be active?

Your project will be active for 24 hours or until you receive at least 20 submissions (30 submissions for SocialWire projects).

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept credit card payments through Stripe.

What if I’d like a refund?

Unhappy customers make us sad! Please let us know if you’re not happy with your responses and we will work with you to resubmit your project to get better results. If you’re still unhappy after the resubmission, we will refund your purchase.

Where is Comedywire based?

Our headquarters is located in New York City, but we have writers all over the world.

How can I find my user profile?

On the top right hand corner of your screen should see a grey box with an icon that looks like a person. Click on that and a drop down menu will appear where you’ll see your handle (@___________). Click on the handle and it will bring you to your profile.

How do I edit my profile?

Click on the red pencil icon next to your name. A menu will appear and you’ll be able to edit it there.

Any tips on how to get the most out of my project?

I need a sketch, speech or article written from scratch, can you help with that?

Sorry, no. We stick to short form writing and punching up drafts of longer form work.

Where do your writers come from?

We have writers on staff and a huge community worldwide – including top talent from sitcoms, late night shows, major advertising agencies, as well as Emmy-winning pros and headlining comics.

Do you pay your writers?

Yes. In addition to our full-time staff writers, Comedywire contributors earn a percentage on every project based on their submissions that customers Favorite.

How does licensing work?

When you Favorite a line on Comedywire, you have the rights to that line as far as Comedywire is concerned. That said, it is conceivable that a writer somewhere else in the world also came up with a similar idea. So, we recommend doing your own copyright or trademark search before putting your line to use (just as you should if you came up with an idea yourself).

Do I have to credit anyone?

Nope. That’s the beauty of our service. It’s white-label content – we do the work and you take the credit. All of our writers sign an NDA, assign their rights to their work and agree not to share any of your work or materials.

Do I get to find out who wrote mine?

No. All of the lines are delivered anonymously.

Why is it anonymous?

Here’s why: We’ve found that even the best individual writers in the world can’t come up with the winning angle or line, every single time. What makes Comedywire effective is the collective genius of the community of writers you get when you work with us. This diverse pool of perspectives means you get a wider range of ideas and lines – you’re bound to find something that sticks.