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ToastWire is an on-demand service that gives you original jokes, opening lines, and speech ideas for best man or bridesmaid toasts, so you sound funnier and avoid looking foolish. You take all the credit.

ToastWire makes you funnier.

Audiences love to laugh. Maybe your friends have heard all of your go-to jokes. Or the pressure of the speech made your ideas dry up. We get it. Humor is hard. So team up with award-winning comedy writers to create a witty, touching wedding toast, fast.

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With ToastWire you can:

  • Have more fun in your role as best man or bridesmaid because you’re not worried about the speech!
  • Deliver a great toast, without fear of looking foolish in front of all your friends
  • Convey authentic emotions without being cheesy or overly sentimental

Three ways to make your speech funnier.

Humor and wit are the antidote to boring speeches and flat comedy sets.
Single Topic Jokes
Give us 5 details about your target person and we’ll give you 20+ customized jokes. He eats in his sleep? She’s obsessed with glue sticks? The more details the better!


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Opening Lines
Send us your draft and we'll give you great options for an opening that'll grab your audience's attention—and keep it.


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The Wedding Speech Punch Up
Be the hit of the wedding with the right amount of humor in your toast. Pick from dozens of jokes.


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Money-back guarantee


Our comedy professionals have made idea generation an art form that you can depend on for great toasts.

Let our writers help you craft a speech that’s clever and funny, so you get the laughs–and don’t become the punchline yourself.

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Get help writing an entire speech or get a few jokes or openings to punch one up. All tailored to your voice and audience.


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