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Our easy, on-demand service gives you tons of original material to punch up what you already have. New ideas for sketches, punchlines for standup, funny lines for speeches. They can all be yours. Literally.

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Six ways to make your speech funnier.

Humor and wit are the antidote to boring speeches.
News & Topical Humor
Give us a news topic or any topic. We'll give you dozens of funny punchlines. Just pick your favorite.


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Segment Ideas for Shows
Get ideas for funny segments that fit with your show.


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Sketch Ideas
Upload your current script. We'll send you dozens of new ideas to make it even better.


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Speech Enhancements
Upload your speech. We'll send you funny lines that enhance your core message and increase audience engagement.


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Standup Set Punch Ups
Enhance your material and get fresh punchlines for your set-ups and premises.


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Be the hit of the wedding with the right amount of humor in your toast. Pick from dozens of jokes.


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Our comedy writing professionals have made idea generation an art form that you can depend on for great ideas.

Audiences are so demanding. And so short on attention. Keep audiences engaged with humor for everything from speeches to stand up
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Giving a toast at a wedding is an important job. Do you want to be the person everyone remembers for a terrible speech, or do you want to nail it with just the right amount of sincerity, style, and humor?

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