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CreativeWire is a suite of creative services that delivers crowdsourced marketing campaign ideas, headlines, taglines, and video concepts. CreativeWire is 100% confidential, all content is client-owned and is available for private-label for enterprise agencies. Because fresh ideas get better results.

CreativeWire is a reliable extension of your creative process.

Businesses, agencies, and brands need a continual stream of fresh ideas to stay relevant. We understand how challenging this can be. That’s why we provide you with original, witty ideas that you own outright, so you keep creative control. (And nobody has to know you had a little help.)


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CreativeWire is easy, fast, affordable, and confidential.

Once you submit your request, our 7,500+ comedic writers generate tons of material, within hours. You own the ones you pick outright, so nobody had to know you had a little help.
Taglines, Headlines & Slogans
Get an engaging, witty slogan for your business or product.


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Ad Campaign Ideas
Our writers will deliver dozens of ideas for your next great ad.


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Ad Campaign Ideas with Images
Tell us about your product or service and we will come up with ad campaign ideas that stand out. We will even find images to go with the ideas.


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Video Concepts & Ideas
Get ideas for scenes or an overall direction—although zero direction is how we ended up in comedy.


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Video Script Punch Ups
Upload your current script. We'll send you dozens of new ideas to make it
even better.


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Our comedy professionals have made idea generation an art form that you can depend on for great ideas.

Our comedic writers write for today’s top shows, and have written more than 2,000,000 great ideas for our clients.

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Our service is confidential, fast, and easy to use. Connect with our community of writers who’ll give you original content that’s clever, witty, and customized for you. An easy process to give you the creative content writing you need.


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